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An infographic detailing the overhauled system for leveling up units, introduced in the Progression Update

The progression system in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II was revised in the Progression Update to remove random chance as a determining factor in the power of a unit. The progression system for Battlefront II is now based on a linear model and revolves around a unit's level.EAlogo Star Wars Battlefront II Progression Update FAQ on the Star Wars Battlefront ForumsEAlogo Revamped Progression Is Coming Soon on the Star Wars Battlefront ForumsEAlogo THE PROGRESSION SYSTEM UPDATE on the official Star Wars Battlefront II website

Every class and hero in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II has an associated level that is based on experience points (XP) earned in multiplayer matches. As a player controls a class or hero, they earn XP for that particular class/hero. Earning enough XP for a class/hero levels it up, rewarding a Skill Point that can be spent on upgrading or unlocking Star Cards for that particular class/hero.

The higher the level, the better the Star Cards.

XP earned for a particular class/hero is based on time played and successful gameplay while controlling that class/hero.


Progression Update

Unlocking and upgrading Star Cards for a class or hero is dependent, ultimately, on time played

Units such as the Clone Commando are part a class, so any XP they earn contributes to their overall Class Level. Leveling up the Clone Commando, part of the Enforcer class, also levels up the Ovissian Gunner, which is also part of the Enforcer class. In this way, all units in the same class have the same level. Heroes, on the other hand, are each their individual character, so they each have their own level and must be leveled up individually.


Added in the Siege of Kamino Update, Prestige levels denote that no more unlockable Star Cards are available for that unit. Prestige levels span until level 1000, where the unit is considered maxed out.

The easiest way to tell if an unit is Prestiged is that the unit's level number has a golden outline.

Units are considered Prestiged above these levels - the previous level cap for each:

  • Troopers: 70
  • Reinforcements, including vehicles: 30
  • Heroes, including hero ships and starfighters: 40

Obtaining another level afterwards Prestiges them.

XP Table


Class Level Score required to reach level
2 1,500
3 2,900
4 3,700
5 4,500
6 5,000
7 5,700
8 5,918
9 6,140
10 6,368
11 6,600
12 6,838
13 7,080
14 7,328
15 7,580
16 7,838
17 8,100
18 8,368
19 8,640
20 9,200
21 9,200
22 9,488
23 9,769
24 10,078
25 10,380
26 10,688
27 11,000
28 11,318
29 11,640
30 11,968
31 12,300
32 12,638
33 12,980
34 13,328
35 13,680
36 14,038
37-70 14,094
71-1,000 15,000



Armor and Speeders



Hero Starfighters


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