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Proton Torpedos
Proton Torpedo
Basic Info

Secondary Starfighter weapon

Unit Details


Rate of Fire:

2 Torpedo burst



Proton Torpedos are powerful missiles that can cause a reasonable amount of damage to larger ships and a huge amount of damage to other starfighters. Once locked onto a starship, the missiles follow the target in an attempt to cause damage. They can usually be evaded fairly easily but can nearly destroy most starfighters with one hit. All Multipurpose Starfighters are armed with Proton Torpedos.


When trying to evade a proton torpedo, the best strategy is to barrel roll to the side. Make sure you have enough stamina and time before the torpedo gets too close. If the torpedo is indicated as extremely close and you are in a weak starfighter there is virtually no hope for survival. A good range to start a roll is at a distance of 250 meters.

Transports are, in fact, the only vehicle to take a direct hit from a barrage of proton torpedoes due to their thick armor and inability to roll.

Vehicles Armed With Proton Torpedos[]

Vehicles Incapable To Evade Proton Torpedoes[]



  • Unlike the Star Wars canon version, proton torpedoes are rather easy to evade.