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The Proximity Bomb is a Power Up in Star Wars Battlefront.


A powerful explosive that triggers when enemies are nearby. The Proximity Bomb will blow up if shot.

The Proximity Bomb is a power up that protects a certain area from enemy players.

Whenever enemy players enter its proximity, it will trigger a noise before the bomb goes off. The amount of damage the player(s) receives depends on how close they were to the bomb, with being extremely close or just a few meters will cause death, while more meters will cause only damage.

The Proximity Bomb is also used by Nien Nunb as one of his abilities in smaller game modes, such as Extraction or Hero Hunt. He can deploy up to four proximity bombs at max.


Basically, there are two things to consider before placing a Proximity Bomb: camouflage and traffic.


It is important to somehow hide the proximity bomb so that enemies won't see it. A bomb laying in the middle of a desert isn't going to fool anyone. A proximity bomb can be hidden behind doorways, logs, and other obstacles. One of the best ways to hide it however, is to put it on computers, as it blends in. It is even better to put it on objective computers, such as uplinks or droids.


It is also important to consider how likely an enemy is to run past your bomb. A rock way to the far side of the map, or a wall close to your spawn point is usually not a great place To place a proximity bomb. It is good to place it in places that are passed by enemies regularly, such as a doorway in their path to an objective, or even on the objective, because who would want to activate an uplink with a bomb on it? It is still important to consider camouflage though because enemies can shoot a proximity bomb and blow it up if they see it.

IMPORTANT!!! Never stand close to a friendly proximity bomb(unless it is hidden), because a stray blast or grenade from the enemy could activate the bomb and send you to the barracks in the sky!