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Quarren Gunner

Rebel Heavy Gunners (Quarren Heavy Gunners in Missions) are the Rebel Alliance equivalent to the Empire's Shock Troopers in the Missions and Skirmish modes of Star Wars Battlefront. They are one of the most dangerous enemies present in the singleplayer missions, having more health than regular NPC soldiers and a more powerful weapon. They will appear once the player has achieved 26 points and will continue to spawn from there on. They will also spawn on the player's side if friendly AI is enabled after the enemy side gains 26 points. In Skirmish, as with all Rebel units, they have a number of randomly selected appearances, however in Missions, they only appear as Quarrens.

NPC Attacks[]

Name Image
DLT-19 Heavy Blaster DLT19 dice image
Thermal Detonator Thermal Detonator unupgraded