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Not to be confused with The Queen, a mod unit

Queen Apailana
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Royal Naboo (Leader)

Unit Details

Sporting Blaster

Secondary Weapon:


Queen Apailana was the Queen of Naboo during the early Imperial Era. From the beginning, Apailana was reluctant to cooperate with the Empire and after a diplomatic incident, she broke off relations altogether. Soon after, she was targeted by the Empire for assassination after she was confirmed to be harboring Jedi fugitives during Order 66. She was fatally shot by a Scout Trooper while trying to escape during the shootout in Theed.


Name Image Ammo
Sporting Blaster DL-44 Infinite Shots
Thermal Detonator V-1 3 Count


Queen Apailana is encountered in the first imperial mission in the campaign Naboo - Imperial Diplomacy, where she appears towards the end of the mission. When she appears on the battlefield, she must be taken out within a certain time limit or else she will escape, resulting in a mission failure.

She is armed with a Sporting Blaster and has roughly twice the health of a Heavy Trooper, so attacking her directly is ill-advised unless one is able to ambush her.

She is guarded by three Jedi Masters and an escort of RNSF soldiers, so specific tactics must be employed against them. Examples could include assassinating the Queen with a sniper class, using rockets, grenades and other explosives to force her guards to scatter, exposing the Queen to attack, attack the Queen's bodyguards with an Arc Caster and damage her by proxy or use a tank and infantry backup to assault the entire entourage.


  • Queen Apailana is very similar to Princess Leia in terms of abilities. 
    • Apailana's blaster is identical to Leia's except that it shoots green lasers instead of yellow. 
    • She does not have the Invulnerability ability, however. If one mods the "mission.lvl" file to play as the Queen, she will only have grenades as her secondary weapon. 
    • Unlike Leia (except in Hero Assault), the queen has a regular health bar instead of a replenishable lightsaber bar for health.
      • This does mean that she can be healed by HAAD.
  • She is almost identical to The Queen, seen in a mod.