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R2-D2 is a playable character that is featured in Star Wars Battlefront through the Death Star expansion pack. He is playable in the second phase of the Battle Station mode and is the first playable droid in the game, as well as the third droid overall. He has 500 health.

In the second phase of Battle Station, R2 is controlled by the first Rebel player who interacts with him and can use his abilities to aid the Rebel soldiers in escorting him to the extraction point. If R2's 500 health runs out, he is stunned and the player controlling him must mash a button to regain control of him. If a Stormtrooper interacts with him before he can regain control, the player will be forced out of R2 and he must be interacted with again in order to continue moving.


  • Scan Pulse: R2 scans the nearby area, revealing enemies to his teammates.
  • Smoke Cover: R2 sprays his fire extinguisher, leaving a smoke screen to obscure the enemy's vision.
  • Disruption: R2 fires a pulse of heat, instantly overheating the weapons of any nearby enemies.