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The R5-D4 Droid is a Power Up in Star Wars Battlefront obtainable only by the Rebels. The Empire equivalent is the Viper Probe Droid.


This droid patrols the immediate surroundings, scans for enemies, and attacks them on sight.

The droid patrols a straight line while waiting for enemies to appear. Whenever enemies appear, they'll be scanned across a 360 degree angle, visible to all friendly players, with the addition of being fired at with an extremely fast blaster.

Unlike the Viper Probe Droid, the R5-D4 droid has a much faster rate of fire, meaning that it can take down enemies within slight seconds.

Also unlike the Viper Probe, this droid doesn't follow the player.

It can attack enemy probe droids and infantry turrets


Place the R5 in tight corridors, because it can block enemy movement, show enemies hiding behind corners, and kill any enemy unlucky enough to wander into that particular corridor.


  • R5-D4 was first seen in A New Hope, it is the droid that Owen Lars originally bought from the Jawas on Tatooine. Sadly, the little R5 unit broke down shortly after being bought, causing Owen to buy R2-D2 instead.
  • The droid was also seen in the original Star Wars: Battlefront as the Repair Droid, making it one of the few elements from the previous games to return. This helpful machine would dawdle in an appointed section of a map and repair vehicles all day. It didn't return for Battlefront II.