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Mortar Launcher
EMP Full
Basic Info

Grenade Launcher

Weapon Details

15 Shots

Rate of Fire:

1 shots per 5 seconds


EMP Launcher

The Radiation Launcher is a projectile weapon that fires small green radioactive grenades. It is exact the same physically as the Grenade Launcher (of which it is a type), with the exception that it uses radiation grenades and that it can only cause damage to non Droid infantry. It is used as a secondary weapon by the MagnaGuard. It is also used by the Droid Pilot in Star Wars Battlefront I. It explodes with a bright green glow and has a fairly small blast radius compared to other Grenade Launchers. It cannot harm any nonliving thing (vehicles, droids) but deals enough damage to kill most infantry in one hit, making it a powerful anti-infantry weapon. However, the MagnaGuard does not get much ammo for it, and as it cannot destroy things like vehicles, the MagnaGuard has to use the Bulldog RLR instead for such purposes; and that weapon itself does not have much ammo.