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Warning! The following article contains spoilers for the singleplayer campaign of DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. If you don't want to be spoiled, leave the page now.

The Raider-II Class corvette is a ship belonging to the Galactic Empire and was assigned to the best squads in the Empire, like Inferno Squad. It makes an appearance in Campaign. Although after Iden Versio betrays Agent Hask and becomes a threat to the empire, she flies away with Del and the rest of her squad, surrendering to the New Republic.


Players first spot the Imperial Raider Corvette in the mission "The Cleaner" as it saves Iden when she escapes through an airlock in The Invincible Faith.

In the Mission "Ashes of the Empire" The Corvus gets shot by Commander Hask's Star Destroyer and crashes.

After Iden Versio and Del Meeko surrender to the New Republic, the Corvus gets a new paint job and a remodeling.

The only place you can spot the Corvus is Star Wars Battlefront II (DICE). There are no other series or movies that have the corvette

The Raider-II Class Corvette has a hangar bay only suitable for Iden, Hask, and Del's TIE/LN Fighter.