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"The Rebel Alliance consists of a motley group of systems and species, all of whom have sworn to risk all to bring down the Galactic Empire. Striking from hidden bases, and with a fleet constantly on the move, the Rebels rely on subterfuge, precision attacks and the occasional larger battle to hurt their enemy."
— In-game description

The Alliance to Restore the Republic (or Rebel Alliance) is a faction in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II. The Alliance was a stateless resistance movement made up of various and diverse pro-democratic rebel cells across the known Galaxy that united under the leadership of a group of senators that sought to overthrow the Galactic Empire and restore the Galactic Republic. The Rebel Alliance later formed the New Republic after defeating the Empire following the Galactic Civil War. The Rebellion allowed aliens into their ranks, something the Empire was infamous for not doing. This sometimes gave them a tactical advantage on the battlefront, such as communication. They are part of the Light Side, and their main enemy in the Dark Side is the Galactic Empire.

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