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The Rebel Honor Guards, also called simply Honor Guards are the playable hero bodyguards of the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars Battlefront. They originally were more powerful than the Shock Troopers before an update made them equal.


Name Image
DH-17 Blaster Pistol (Boosted) DH17 dice image
Smart Rocket Smartrocket
Homing Shot HomingShotDICE


The Alderaan Honor Guard are playable Hero Bodyguards that can only spawn if Princess Leia is present on the battlefield. They can be spawned at the re-spawn menu if a position is available (there can only be two at a time).

The Honor Guards are armed with DH-17 Blaster Pistols, Smart Rockets and Homing Shot. They used to carry A280C Blaster Rifles until that was changed in the update accompanying the season pass release of the Bespin DLC. They have superior health compared to a normal player, but cannot regenerate their health. However, they can heal 10% of their health from a Bacta Bomb. They cannot pick up power ups. One should be careful in running around so one doesn't die. It's also best to stay close to the player controlling Leia, as the bubble shield still protects them. The player gets a bonus for killing enemies while staying close to Leia. The only way the Hero (Leia.) may dispatch vehicles and turrets quickly and efficiently, is by having a body guard use his Smart Rocket.

It is noted that the Honor Guard is not equipped with a Jump Pack, possibly an attempt by DICE to discourage the player from running off from Leia. And instead play as an individual, when in reality, they are supposed to act as a body guard for Leia.

Smart Rockets should be used on groups of infantry, enemy heroes or Vehicles such as AT-STs. This is unique since one can use one and they have a recharge time similar to Star Cards, if a vehicle is present it should always be used on that vehicle/turret with Homing shot being used on enemy infantry unless grouped together or for a quick and easy kill. Since Darth Vader/Emperor Palpatine can't deflect Homing Shots and Smart Rockets, it should be used on them at any possible moment. Since it can inflict heavy damage on them and can prove easier for other players to defeat the said Villains. Boba Fett, however, is mostly vulnerable to the Homing Shot, provided the player can lock onto him.

Homing shot functions the same as the Star Card, and are best used if on vulnerable infantry,( I.E out in the open.) Players in Personal Shields and/or Squad Shields for quick and easy kills. As stated above neither Vader nor the Emperor can deflect Smart/Homing rockets, use for heavy damage against them. 

If Greedo or Bossk is the Imperial hero on the map, the Rebel Honor Guards must be careful, similarly to if you were to play a regular soldier, they can be killed with 2 or 3 shots.