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Rebel Raider is a Challenge mission found only in the PSP version of Star Wars: Battlefront II. The mission consists of finding objects and returning them to certain locations. The objects and amounts vary from each level of the Challenge. A count of objects you've collected replaces the standard Reinforcement count. The player has no teammates, and must survive against a full enemy team. Progress is saved in this mode if you exit during a level.


Your mission is to steal from the galaxy's opperessors for the Rebellion. Locate the contraband and return it to your base.

Playable Classes[]

During the first two levels of the challenge the player is only able to choose the Rebel Smuggler. However, getting enough points will unlock Han Solo as the hero character in all levels. During the third level of the game, the player is able to choose any class of the Rebels. Lastly, in the forth level, the player may choose any of the space Rebel classes.



Rebel Raider: Our intelligence has found valuable equipment on the planet Mygeeto. Navigate the planet's battle worn surface to retrieve four inactive shield generators and bring them to the center of the city.


Rebel Raider: The once peaceful planet of Naboo has become an imperial stronghold. We need you to acquire plans to the Empire's prototype weapons, and bring them to the gates at the palace of theed. We may yet be able to free the world from imperial tyranny.


Rebel Raider: We won't last long against the onslaught by the Empire. We will continue to defend the base, but you must navigate through the incoming imperial forces to acquire five imperial droids, and then escape the planet. The Alliance is counting on you.

Space Yavin[]

Rebel Raider: While our Rebel forces create a diversion with a direct attack on the invading imperial troops, you must fly ship to ship to retrieve plans for the Empire's latest weapons and vehicles, and return them to the Rebel engine room. We trust you can handle this difficult assignment.


  • Despite having plenty of time given, the game keeps insisting you "hurry up" and get the objectives done.
  • In the details of the Hoth and Space Yavin, it is told that there are attacks going on, yet there are no other team members present.
  • Even though all the objects have different shapes and sizes, they all share the same model for when being carried by the player.
  • In the tutorial screen for Rebel Raider there is a Flag shown, despite there not being any Flags in the actual mission.
  • Rebel Raider is the only way in Battlefront II to have a Hero in Space(Han Solo in Space Yavin).