Rebel Smuggler (Rebel Engineer)
Rebel Engineer
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Rebel Alliance

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Fusion Cutter





The Rebel Smuggler is the engineer unit for the Rebel Alliance. His shotgun shoots a wide spray of shots that will kill or cause great damage at close range. One significant benefit is his equipped fusion cutter, which allows the engineer to repair damaged tanks, health, and ammo droids, turrets and it also grants this unit the ability to slice enemy units out of tanks. With the ability to dispense health and ammo as well, the Rebel Smuggler is a very important part of the Rebel Alliance's team, and there should be at least a couple on your team at any given time. (Equivalent- Engineer Droid, Imperial Engineer, Clone Engineer) The smuggler has average toughness, shared with the trooper. Though tougher than the Marksman or Bothan Spy, they cannot take as many hits as the Vanguard, and can take only about half as much damage as a Wookiee Warrior.

Attacks (SWBFII)Edit

Name Image Ammo
CR-1 Blast Cannon CR-1 240 Shots
F-187 Fusion Cutter F-187 Infinite Use
D5a Detpacks D5a 3 Count
HAADs HAAD 5 Count

Attacks (SWBFI)Edit

Name Image Ammo
CR-1 Blast Cannon CR-1 120 Shots
DL-44 Blaster Pistol DL-44 Infinite Shots
F-187 Fusion Cutter F-187 Infinite Use
HAADs HAAD 5 Count

Award WeaponsEdit


In Star Wars Battlefront I, the Rebel Smuggler has the same skin as the Rebel Pilot and is also known as that in the game.


  • In Star Wars Battlefront I the Rebel Smuggler uses a Rebel Pilot Skin and is called a Rebel Pilot.

Quotes Edit

  • Let me patch this turret up. - Star Wars Battlefront II



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