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The Reconnaissance Droid, also known as a Recon Droid, is a moderately useful tool given to Sniper classes in Battlefront I and Special classes i.e. Wookiee Warriors and Clone Commanders in Battlefront II. It is a small, deployable unit equipped with a weak blaster and either an orbital strike beacon or a self-destruct sequence. Although the blaster is capable of softening enemy ranks and the self-destruct sequences/orbital strike beacons can obliterate surrounding enemies, the best feature of the recon droid is the ability to scan enemy bases for dangers or openings without threat of harm to your units.

The Orbital strike is an extremely useful weapon for destroying slow walkers such as AT-ATs or AT-TEs, but you must start at the front so the target does not move out of range. The droid can be maneuvered to avoid enemy fire as the countdown progresses. The countdown takes approximately four seconds. When the countdown finishes, the player's capital ship fires four consecutive blasts from its orbital strike cannon at the recon droid's position. These obliterate anyone and anything within an approximately 15 foot radius. The orbital strike is restricted to outdoors, as the cannon pulses are unable to penetrate any compound's roof.

In the sequels, the recon droid retains its blaster, but the orbital strike beacon is replaced by a self destruct sequence, and the unit only remains active for about 28 seconds before expiring harmlessly. These changes significantly reduce its overall usability. Once the self-destruct sequence is engaged, the droid begins charging and is rendered immobile. When the droid finishes charging, it explodes with destructive power roughly equal to that of its predecessor, though it does no damage to vehicles. The major problem with this is that the droid's immobility and fragility make it nearly impossible to successfully complete the self-destruct sequence before the droid is destroyed by enemy gunfire.

When reinforcements are mutually low (for instance, if there is only one soldier remaining on each team), a recon droid serves as an expendable resource to send against your remaining enemy. It is recommended to deploy the recon droid from cover, as the soldier is vulnerable while controlling the recon droid. Since only one recon droid can be carried at a time, and recon droids are rather fragile, close proximity to an ammunition droid is practically a necessity if a player is committed to making heavy use of this unit.

in the demo version for star wars Battlefront 1 on PS2 and the original Xbox the recon droid had a detonation ability similar to the one in swbf2 only difference was that the blast was triggered instanty.



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