Reinforcements is a number of units your team and you opponents have on the field. Depleting your team's reinforcement count to zero usually results in your team's defeat. They appear in the Original Series, as well as DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II.

Usage Edit

Reinforcement counts show how many troops can spawn in on a team in a given match. As such, players on a team with a reinforcement count should be careful not to get themselves killed and lowering their team's reinforcement count.

Original Series Edit

In the original series, there were two ways to lower your team's reinforcement count:

  • Killing enemy troops.
  • Having a majority of the Command Posts which will cause the count to drop at a rate of one every three seconds (20 in a minute).

Star Wars Battlefront II (DICE) Edit

Reinforcement counts make a return in Star Wars Battlefront II. In objective-based game modes, overtime has also been added which lets the match keep on going if an objective is being completed when the reinforcement count reaches 0. There are two ways to lower a enemy teams reinforcement count

  • Killing enemy trops
  • (Starfighter Assault only) Destroying a bombing escort (reduces reinforcement count to how many bombers were destroyed)

Trivia Edit

  • The Playstation 2 & Xbox versions of Star Wars: Battlefront II have a max reinforcement count of 1000, the PSP version holds a max of 375 units, and the PC version has a max of 300.
  • The PSP version of Battlefront 2 has icons shown next to the reinforcement count similar to the ones used in Capture The Flag.