The Relby V-10 Targeting Rifle is a blaster featured in Star Wars Battlefront, it is one of the four weapons added in the Outer Rim expansion pack. It is also the weapon of choice for the Trandoshan Bounty Hunter Bossk.

The Hutt Contract for this weapon, called "Contract Killer", includes the player getting 3 Targeting Rifle Streaks, 40 kills with any Heavy Blaster, and kill 15 enemies with any Targeting Rifle within a round.

The weapon possesses a fore-grip much like the EE-4, in addition to having the highest firing rate of all Targeting Rifles.

This gun acts more like another version of A280C Blaster Rifle, although what separates the two is the Relby's significantly lower damage drop-off, semi-automatic firing rate, it being a Targeting Rifle, and its higher heat per shot. The Relby V-10 can fire as fast as the player can pull the trigger. If you have a slow finger, this gun is not recommended for  you. It is widely regarded as being worse than the A280C, since the A280C is capable of automatic fire, and, when fired as if it was semi-automatic, the A280C's accuracy is near-perfect.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Relby V-10 was modified from firing grenades to firing blaster bolts.
  • The Relby V-10 has the game's lowest damage drop-off, only losing 6 damage at 60m.
  • The blaster is the weakest Targeting Rifle in the game, despite the low damage drop-off. Its place as a Targeting Rifle is likely due to its consistently good accuracy and low spread.
  • It is the preferred weapon of Trandoshian Bounty Hunter Bossk.
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