The Remote Rocket Launcher is the Award weapon earned by attaining the Demolition medal (scoring 4 rocket launcher critical hits on a vehicle in one life).

Remote Rocket

Remote Rocket

It is different from the other Award weapons in that you can still use the regular Rocket Launcher along with it. It fires a slender rocket which you then get to control, by steering it as you would a starship. These deadly projectile are highly controllable, second only to the Detpack. In spite of this, the maximum carriable ammo is limited and they are not easy to steer, save for vehicle targets.

Boost can be activated while controlling the rocket, allowing it to cross the battlefield faster to reach its target, and also causing more damage on impact while boost is engaged. Consequently, this is a (slightly) easier way to damage enemy troops with this weapon, but it can become even harder to steer correctly when using boost. Practice is recommended, but on certain battlefields a skilled player can use the remote rockets quite effectively against small or large groups of enemy troops. Being near an ammo dispensing droid can further increase the effectiveness of such a player.

Chewbacca carries a variant called the Guided Rocket, which has the same function but it is a different type of launcher.


The Remote Rocket Launcher must be unlocked to use it, with the exception of Chewbacca.


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