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Republic Interceptor
Republic Interceptor
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Galactic Republic

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The Republic Interceptor, also known as the Jedi Interceptor or Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor, is the dogfighting starship for the Galactic Republic. It is specifically built for tracking and destroying enemy ships. The Republic Interceptor is equally proficient at attacking the Droid Starfighter. They are very agile, but it requires quite a bit of skill to handle correctly. If you can, you will quickly become a nuisance to the enemy, taking out ships quickly and skillfully almost before the enemy player realizes they are being attacked. This is very handy for accumulating the points you cannot get from only taking out the critical points of the enemy capital ship. There are sure to be many of these ships present in any game in space. (Equivalent- TIE Interceptor, Droid Tri-Fighter, A-Wing)


Name Image Ammo
Laser Cannons Laser Cannon Infinite Shots
Homing Rockets Homing Rocket Infinite Count


  • The Ship in Star Wars Battlefront II is the yellow coloured personal fighter for Anakin Skywalker. A better choice for the Republic interceptor would be the V-Wing or the V-19 Torrent.
  • In the canon SW universe, the interceptor uses laser cannons and ion cannons, not repeating blasters. Homing missiles were rarely installed in the interceptor, as Jedi frowned on self-made modifications.
  • The laser cannons fire green laser bolts in the films, but in Star Wars Battlefront II, the laser cannons fire red bolts, as well as in Renegade Squadron.
  • This vehicle also appears in MODs, sometimes with a different paint scheme or weaponry.