Republic Starfighter
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Galactic Republic

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1 Pilot

The Republic Starfighter, also known as the Jedi Starfighter or formally as the Delta-7 Aethersprite-class Light Interceptor, is the dogfighting starship for the Galactic Republic. The Republic Starfighter is especially proficient at attacking the Droid Starfighter. They are quite agile, but require quite a bit of skill to handle correctly. If you can, you will quickly become a nuisance to the enemy, taking out ships quickly and skilfully almost before the enemy player realises they are being attacked.


Name Image Ammo
Laser Cannons Laser Cannon.png Infinite Shots
Rockets Rocket.png 20 Count


  • The Republic Starfighter is only available in SWBFI, and is replaced in SWBFII by the Republic Interceptor in space
  • The Republic Starfighter is not included in Naboo: Plains map in PC version of the first Star Wars: Battlefront. But in PS2 and Xbox versions, they are included.
  • This is the only Vehicle in the original game to have target tracking.




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