"Rey's survival instincts give her an expanded awareness of the battlefield which she uses to ambush her enemies and confuse them with mind tricks. Her lightsaber skills allow her to finish them off up close."
— In-game Description

Rey is a Resistance Hero in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II.

Her ship, Rey and Chewbacca's Millennium Falcon, is playable as a Hero ship in Starfighter Assault and Hero Starfighters.


Rey is one of the most versatile and dangerous heroes in the game, and she can be played both as an offensive and supportive character. Her first ability, Dash Strike, sees Rey charge forward with her lightsaber held high, dealing damage to enemies who dare stand in her way. When dashing, Rey's general direction can be altered, though she cannot make quick turns, and the dash itself is relatively slow. However, if she lines up enough enemies in her sights, this ability can be quite effective. Her Mind Trick can cause confusion in enemies that are affected, leaving them open to attack. Battle Droid heads will rotate uncontrollably, and Stormtroopers will look lost, helpless, and confused. In multiplayer, enemy players' controls are inverted. Insight is her third ability and it reveals enemies to her and her teammates in a certain radius. It also hides Rey from the enemy radar, which allows her to coordinate flanking attacks and ambushes against enemy units.

Health and MovementEdit

Health Statistics for Rey
Base Health 750
Health Regen Rate 50 health/sec
Max Health Regen 250
Regen Delay 5 sec
Movement Statistics for Rey
Sprint Speed 8 meters/second
Maximum Jump Height 10 meters
Number of Dodges 2
SWBFII DICE Boost Card Rey - Balance large Balance
Increases number of dodges to: 3
Dodge Length 5.5 meters


Rey's Lightsaber
Weapon Image SWBFII Rey Lightsaber Icon
In-game Description Originally constructed by Anakin Skywalker, Rey found this lightsaber in Maz Kanata's castle.
Damage 120
140 (Rear)
SWBFII Rey Ability Insight Icon Insight ability
Increases damage to
150 (Rear)
Swing Speed ~1,9 swings per second
Melee Attacks 10 swings possible
SWBFII Rey Ability Insight Icon Insight ability
Increases to 20 swings possible
SWBFII DICE Boost Card Rey - Balance large Balance
Decreases stamina by:
30% / 25% / 20% / 15%
Blaster Deflections 25 deflections possible
Deflection Spread (angle multiplier) 0.45
Melee Deflections 14 melee deflections possible
Stamina Regen Delay 1 seconds
Stamina Regen Speed (from empty) 1.65 seconds


Ability Icon SWBFII Rey Ability Dash Strike Icon
In-game Description Rey charges forward with her lightsaber, dealing damage to enemies on the way.
Damage 130
Effect Knocks down opponents
Ability Cooldown 10 seconds

Ability Icon SWBFII Rey Ability Insight Icon
In-game Description Rey senses her surroundings, revealing all nearby enemies to her while she disappears from their radars. Her stamina costs are halved and her damage is increased while this ability is active.
Effect Reveals enemies to Rey and her team, removes her from the minimap, +10 to her Lightsaber strikes, and slows stamina drain by 50%
Area of Effect 30 meters
Ability Duration 8 seconds
Ability Cooldown 10 seconds

Ability Icon SWBFII Rey Ability Mind Trick Icon
In-game Description Rey causes nearby enemies to be dazed and confused for a brief duration.
Effect Inverts controls, lowers sensitivity
Area of Effect 18 meters
Ability Duration 4 seconds
Ability Cooldown 20 seconds

Star CardsEdit

Boost CardsEdit

SWBFII DICE Boost Card Rey - Balance large SWBFII DICE Boost Card Rey - Far Sight large SWBFII DICE Boost Card Rey - Street Fighter large SWBFII DICE Boost Card Rey - Resilient Dash large SWBFII DICE Boost Card Rey - Damaging Strike large
Balance Far Sight Street Fighter Resilient Dash Damaging Strike
SWBFII DICE Boost Card Rey - Strong Mind large SWBFII DICE Boost Card Rey - Focused Sight large SWBFII DICE Boost Card Rey - Deep Mind large SWBFII DICE Boost Card Rey - Opportunist large
Strong Mind Focused Sight Deep Mind Opportunist


Rey-scavenger Rey-jedi-training Rey-ahch-to Jedi1
Jedi Training

Victory PosesEdit

Awakened Icandothis Myplaceinallthis Waysoftheforce Determined
Awakened I Can Do This My Place in all This Ways of the Force Determined

In-game Hints Edit

"Rey's movement will be hidden from enemy radar while Insight is active"
— First hint
"Rey’s Mind Control causes those affected to have their controls inverted"
— Second hint
"Rey’s ability to sense her enemies gives her the upper hand in combat and the opportunity to ambush"
— Third hint

Emotes and Quotes Edit

"That was lucky."
— First emote
"You. You're afraid."
— Second emote
"You’re a monster!"
— Third emote
"I can handle myself."
— Fourth emote

"Are you offering me a job?"
— Upon spawning
"Look, there. There!"
— Using Insight
"Where are you?"
— Using Insight
"There's danger, close by."
— Using Insight
"Quit hiding!"
— Using Insight
"Go. Go!"
— Using Dash Strike
— Using Dash Strike
"Stop me!"
— Using Dash Strike
"You want to turn away."
— Using Mind Trick
"You'll abandon the fight."
— Using Mind Trick
"Get away!"
— Using Mind Trick
"Not going your way."
— Using Mind Trick
"Go back to your homeworld."
— Using Mind Trick
"I think I've got this."
— In-game
— In-game
"I guess we're a team."
— In-game
"I'll protect you!"
— In-game
"Don't you dare."
— In-game
"I hate waiting."
— n-game
"This isn't so bad."
— Outnumbering
"I get nervous when it's easy!"
— Outnumbering
"More of you? What are the odds?"
— Outnumbered
— Outnumbered
— Outnumbered
"Outnumbered. Wonderful."
— Outnumbered
"Rey's tossing bodies. Like rocks."
Heroes vs. Villains announcer when Rey is on a killstreak
"Leading her allies in one last Force push, Rey proves yet again why nothing can stop this rising star."
— Heroes vs. Villains announcer when Rey is on a killstreak

"That armor... that mask..."
— Spotting Darth Vader
"I feel his rage, it's like a knife."
— Spotting Darth Maul
"He's powerful and full of hate!"
— Spotting Darth Maul
"Kylo Ren. I feel him."
— Spotting Kylo Ren
"Kylo Ren. He's here. He's twisted."
— Spotting Kylo Ren
— Spotting Kylo Ren
"Kylo Ren is a monster and so are you!"
— Spotting Captain Phasma
"Better than fighting like a droid!"
— Spotting Phasma
"Phasma: You've been articularly troublesome.
Rey:Then you shouldn't have started trouble!
— Banter with Phasma
"Something's coming. Something horrible!"
— Spotting Emperor Palpatine
"Shriveled old man. Burns with power."
— Spotting Emperor Palpatine
"Trandoshan hunter. Try not to look at its teeth."
— Spotting Bossk
"Bounty hunter. Reptillian. Careful!"
— Spotting Bossk]]


  • When Rey uses Mind Trick on B1 Battle Droids, their heads spin around.
  • She was voiced by Helen Sadler before being replaced by Daisy Ridley (reprising her role as Rey) during the beta.
  • She is the only lightsaber hero with no ability to kill infantries (except the heavy) from behind.


Roger Roger Update

  • Health on Kill Star Card "Survivor" has been replaced with "Balance".
    • Old Star Card Name: Survivor
      • Description: Whenever Rey defeats any enemy trooper, she regains twenty health and whenever she defeats an enemy villain she regains even more.
      • Stats: 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 Health regained upon defeating enemy hero
    • New Star Card Name: Balance
      • Description: Rey gains an extra Dodge ability charge, but her stamina drains faster.
      • Stats: 30% / 25% / 20% / 15% increased stamina costs

Where are those Droidekas? Update

  • Changed heal values upon defeating enemy heroes for Rey's "Survivor" Star Card from 30-40-50-60 to 40-60-80-100.



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