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Rhen Var is an icy world found in the Outer Rim Territories. Approximately 4,000 years before the fall of the Republic, the Great Sith War took place on the planet's surface. The planet is very similar to Hoth such as having cold temperatures, although there is no native population. This planet never made an appearance in either the Original or Prequel Trilogies.


Rhen Var: Harbour is an ice world. Both eras are available for the map. There's a single AT-TE and two IFT-Xs for the Galactic Republic, and the Separatist Alliance has two AATs. The Galactic Empire makes use of AT-ATs and IFT-Ts while the Rebel Alliance has Rebel Combat Landspeeders. There's three main buildings in the courtyard, each with a having a Command Post; CIS having two while one is neutral. The Republic has an internal Command Post inside an ice tunnel and a tank-launching CP where all the tanks spawn, a good distance from the courtyard. The CIS can easily take the Republic's ice-cave CP by sending Droidekas which are good in the tight spaces of the caves with their shields. This map is an all round map.

A temple on icy world in the Outer Rim. Approximately 4,000 years before the fall of the Republic, the Great Sith War was fought here. Battles take place within and around a huge temple that sits on top of a snow-covered mountain.


  • Rhen Var is the only planet that never made any appearances in the films.


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