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Rodian Sniper

Rebel Snipers (Rodian Snipers in Missions) are the sniper units of the Rebel Alliance in the Missions and Skirmish modes of Star Wars Battlefront. In Battles mode, the snipers begin to appear once the player reaches at least four points. Their sniper rifles are very dangerous, as they can constantly reuse them without needing to cool off, and they carry a smoke grenade which they can use to run past their enemies and kill them. Eventually, they disappear as regular rebels and Jetpack soldiers begin to fill their spots. In Skirmish, they have a variety of different appearances, while in Missions there are only Rodians. Although easy to kill, they take more shots than a regular enemy.

NPC Attacks[]

Name Image
T-21B Targeting Rifle (Skirmish only) T21B dice image
Pulse Cannon E-17d
DH-17 Blaster Pistol DH17 dice image
Smoke Grenade SmokeGrenadeDICE