The SE-44C is a blaster pistol featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. It is the tird and final unlockable pistol for the Officer Class, requiring 500 kills to unlock.

Overview Edit

The SE-44C can be considered to be the fully-automatic machine pistol of Battlefront II, as it offers the player a weapon with a large magazine size and fully-automatic fire to boot, making it very capable for sustained engagements at shorter ranges. In close quarters, it will be able to best most Specialist weapons as well as some of the Assault and Heavy weapons as well, with the SE-44C's large magazine size and rapid rate of fire granting it very impressive close-range fighting power.

The SE-44C remains a very capable weapon at mid range as well, with its large magazine size and dependable rate of fire making it capable of holding its own against a variety of weapons, although at these ranges, the engagements are starting to take place outside of the SE-44C's effective range and tend to be more shifted in favour of Assault and Heavy weapons. Conservative play and proper use of cover will be of ever greater importance.

For all its worth, the SE-44C does not fare so well at longer ranges, as the weapon's damage starts dropping off fairly quickly and the high rate of fire further exacerbates the recoil to the point where one may have to fire in short controlled bursts in order to hit targets reliably at longer ranges. At these ranges, the SE-44C will in most cases be outclassed by Specialist weapons as well as some of the Assault and Heavy weapons.