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This article contains information about content that was cut before release of the game.

SNW is an unknown side that was supposed to be in Star Wars Battlefront 1, but was revealed in Star Wars Battlefront 2.


Due to the eventual cut, there is no snw.lvl in any of the games SIDE folder. However, when looking at the game's assets, there is a SNW folder with the same layout as all the other sides. However, all of the subfolders are empty but one. (For Star Wars Battlefront 1 only)


Based on the title of the side, it was most likely for Hoth since it is a snowy planet. Despite this, there Hoth does have its own lvl, called "hot.lvl." As seen in the SWBF2 assets, turrets and Wampas are located in this side. This means that the Wampas were originally planned to be in the first game, but never made it. There is further evidence for this in the REQ folder that has a .req file called "snw_inf_whompa.req."

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