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The Sarlacc is a nonplayable character in the original Star Wars: Battlefront.


The Sarlacc is a dangerous enemy seen exclusively on Tatooine: Dune Sea. The Sarlacc, which is invulnerable, will use its tentacles to snatch and consume all infantry units that pass by, including yourself. It is an area that you should avoid unless in a vehicle. Anything you may do to it, it won't hurt it, so saving a friend online is hopeless.


Name Image Ammo
Tentacle Generic Infinite Use

You can get killed by the Sarlacc either by getting near it till it grabs you with its tentacles, or you just jump directly into the mouth of the creature. However, while you begin falling into the mouth, the Sarlacc could grab you with a tentacle out of midair before you reach the bottom.

Strategies in defeating a SarlaccEdit

  • The Sarlacc is completely unkillable, even by a Hero, also if you get within tentacle reach of it you will die, even if you have an invincibility cheat activated.


  • Oddly, Sarlaccs cannot damage vehicles.
  • Troopers can't be pulled out of vehicles by the Sarlacc, even if the vehicles have open cockpits.
  • Sarlaccs are very rare in the galaxy and there are only about 5 verified cases of Sarlaccs.
  • Some believe they are a plant, because they are born from Sarlacci Spores.
  • The oldest one is on Felucia found in the Great Abyss, known as the Ancient One.
  • Some believe that Felucia is the homeworld of the Sarlaccs, but this cannot be verified by Xenobiologists.
  • The Sarlacc's digestive juices are so weak that it takes thousands of years to break down its food. They put people or animals in sacs within it and absorb their victim's sentience. Therefore, some believe they can become very intelligent, however, this cannot be verified.
  • The only one who managed to escape the Sarlacc is Boba Fett, although he was disfigured and scared.
  • The Sarlacc does not feature the beak that was added for the Return of the Jedi Special Edition.
  • The Sarlacc doesn't attack Droidekas and recon droids.
  • The Sarlacc targets assault class over every other class.




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