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This page is for the sayings heard from the troopers and announcers on the battlefield.

This is only for Star Wars Battlefront II (2005).

Please do not add sayings heard from 2017’s Battlefront 2. If you want to add a page for sayings heard in that game, please do so.


  • TA: The Announcer: A voice of that of a commanding officer will say these things. These are heard over your radio, not from other troopers.
  • RT: Regular Trooper: Troops on the battlefield will say these things.



  • What are you doing!? (RT)
  • Imperial Officer! Take him out! (RT)
  • Hey! (RT)
  • Are you blind?? (RT)
  • Grenade. GRENADE! (RT)
  • Grenade! (RT)
  • Rebel scum this! (RT)
  • Yeah, that armor worked real well, didn’t it? (RT)
  • You think that's gonna help?! (RT)
  • Ohhh, he felt that! (RT)
  • Don't get up! (RT)
  • STAY DEAD!!! (RT)
  • I’m takin’ you down, plastic boy! (RT)
  • Hey, watch it! (RT)
  • Stormtrooper! (RT)
  • They're losing reinforcements! (TA)
  • They're coming around! (RT)
  • Just like shooting womp rats, eh kid? (RT)



Han Solo[]

  • Solo here. Where's the fire? (Said when entering the battlefield)
  • No reward is worth this.
  • I got a blaster with your name on it!
  • I have a bad feeling about this.
  • YAHOO!
  • Bring ‘em on!

Luke Skywalker[]

  • Skywalker here. Let's go! (Said when entering the battlefield)
  • Luke Skywalker reporting for duty (Said when entering the battlefield)
  • These guys are easy...
  • You guys couldn't hit the broadside of a moisture evaporator.
  • Let's go!
  • I got one!
  • The Force is calling me. (Said when defeated)
  • Come on, I was just getting started. (Said most often when defeated)

Princess Leia[]

  • This is Leia. What have you gotten us into this time? (Said when entering the battlefield)
  • THIS is the enemy?
  • Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
  • On my mark, men!
  • For Alderaan!



  • Take out the Tauntaun! (RT)
  • Watch it! (RT)
  • Snowspeeder! (RT)
  • Someone take down that snowspeeder! (RT)
  • Princess Leia is on the battlefield. Now I know most of you haven't seen a woman in 3 months, but let's be professional about this! (RT)
  • We need more troopers like you. (RT)
  • For the Emperor! (RT)
  • Save some for the rest of us! (RT)
  • Glad you're on our side! (RT)
  • Wookiee! (RT) (IO)
  • Fur-bag! (RT)
  • Squash the scum! (RT) (IO)
  • I want those rebels dead! (RT) (IO)
  • Rebel! Take him out! (RT) (IO)
  • Get the rebel! (RT) (IO)
  • They're trying to flank us! (RT)
  • Watch your flanks! (RT) (IO)
  • Check your sides! (RT)
  • Cut them off! (RT)
  • He's coming around! (RT)
  • Wipe them out! (RT)
  • Take out the wookiee! (RT)
  • Go! Get the wookiee! (RT)
  • Spy! (RT)
  • Get the Bothan! (RT)
  • Take out that spy! (RT)
  • Target that Bothan! (RT) (IO)
  • After the spy! (RT)
  • Speederbike! (RT)
  • Speeder bike! Take it down! (RT)
  • Take out that bike! (RT)
  • Get that speeder bike! (RT)
  • Down that bike! (RT)
  • Combat speeder! Take it out! (RT)
  • Take out that speeder! (RT)
  • Combat speeder!! Fire! (RT)
  • Combat speeder! Ready yourselves! (RT)
  • We've got a speeder over here! (RT)
  • Landspeeder! Take the shot, trooper! (RT) (IO)
  • You've got a clear shot! Take down that speeder! (RT)
  • Take the shot! (RT)
  • Landspeeder! Take the shot! (RT)
  • Snowspeeder coming in! (RT)
  • Attack that snowspeeder! (RT)
  • Target that snowspeeder! (RT)
  • Watch it, snowspeeder! (RT)
  • Take down that speeder! (RT)
  • Attack that snowspeeder now! (RT)
  • Fire on that snowspeeder! (RT)
  • D0 it! (RT)
  • You've got a clear shot on that snowspeeder! (RT)
  • Fire at will on that snowspeeder! (RT)
  • That snowspeeder's vulnerable! (RT)
  • Take out the tauntaun! (RT)
  • Target the tauntaun! (RT)
  • Tauntaun! Take him out! What is that thing? Better kill it. (RT)
  • They're using tauntauns! (RT)
  • Take down that skiff! (RT)
  • For the emperor! (RT)
  • That skiff is in our way. Take it out. (RT)
  • Hover skiff! Take it down. (RT)
  • I want that skiff down! (RT)
  • Skiff. Fire NOW! (RT)
  • Finish off that skiff! (RT)
  • Take the shot! (RT)
  • Take out that skiff NOW! (RT)
  • Clear shot! Take it! (RT)
  • Woah! (Happy) (RT)
  • For the Empire! (IO) (RT)
  • And stay down! (RT)
  • W9-oah! (RT)
  • It's easy when they're stupid... (RT)
  • There’s too many of them! (RT)
  • We're taking heavy casualties! (RT)
  • Hold your GROUND! (RT)
  • Fall back! (RT)
  • Return fire NOW! (RT)
  • Great shooting! (RT)
  • Mow 'em down. (RT)
  • Save some for the rest of us! (RT)
  • We need more troopers like you. (RT)
  • Glad you're on our side. (RT)
  • Get going! Take them down! (RT)
  • Now that's the way it's done! (RT)
  • It's like they want to be killed! (RT)
  • Yeah, yeah! (RT)
  • How many is that?! (RT)
  • Hostile Dead! (RT) (IO)
  • Good shot! (RT)
  • Go ahead! (RT)
  • Nice finish trooper! (RT)
  • One shot, one kill. (RT)
  • Bang! (RT) ((IO)
  • Grenade! (RT) (IO)
  • Down! (RT)
  • The enemy is losing reinforcements. (TA)
  • Whoever dropped the flag will pay for their incompetence! (TA)


Boba Fett[]

  • Boba Fett, on the job. (Spawning in)
  • Dead or alive, I get paid either way.
  • 100...200...300. You guys are gonna make me rich.

The Emperor[]

  • Bow before your emperor! (Usually said when entering battle)
  • I am here, and I am NOT amused! (Usually said when entering battle)
  • Your master has arrived! (Usually said when entering battle)
  • Your friends can’t save you now!

Darth Vader[]

  • I will take them myself, cover me!



  • Battle Droid! I've got 'em! (RT)
  • Battle Droids! I'm on them! (RT)
  • We've got Droids! (RT)
  • Clones! Watch your fire! (RT)
  • They're sending in the supers! (RT)
  • Watch those wrist rockets! (RT)
  • They're coming around! (RT)
  • They're trying to flank us! (RT)
  • Super Battle droid! Take 'em down! (RT)
  • Grenade, GRENADE! (RT)
  • They're using spiders! (RT)
  • Save it for the enemy! (RT)
  • Friendly fire! (RT)
  • Hit the dirt! Now! (RT)
  • It's Jango Fett! And he brought his head! (RT)
  • It's Darth Maul! What's he going to do, bleed on us? (RT)
  • Watch that dual blade! (RT)
  • General Grievous is here! Watch out for the arms! (RT)
  • Knock it off! (RT)
  • Save some for the rest of us! (RT)
  • For the Chancellor! (RT)
  • Grenade, get down! (RT)
  • Someone take out that buzzer. (RT)
  • For the Republic! (RT)
  • Ow. Was it something I said? (RT)
  • Watch where you’re shooting! (RT)
  • That's another command post for the Republic! (TA)
  • This way. (Player): Said by player's trooper when they tell the target ally to follow them.
  • Break off! (Player): Said when the player tells the target ally to Move out.


Obi-Wan Kenobi[]

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi, reporting for duty! (Spawning in)
  • General Kenobi reporting for duty! (Spawning in)
  • Feel the force.
  • This is going better than I expected.
  • I suppose diplomacy is out of the question?
  • There’s more machines than men here.
  • Although I'm leaving, the force will be with you, always. (After being defeated)

Mace Windu[]

  • Mace Windu, reporting for duty. (Spawning in)
  • This is Windu. Ready for action. (Spawning in)
  • Surrender or die!


  • Yoda I am. Fight I will. (Spawning in)
  • Yoda, you summoned. Here, I am. (Spawning in)
  • Brief, this battle will be.
  • Wars not make one great.
  • Surrender, you must, or die, you will.

Ki-Adi Mundi[]

Aayla Secura[]



  • AT-TE! (RT)
  • How are you doing that? (RT)
  • You are a one droid army! (RT)
  • Eliminate the clone! (RT)
  • Enemy forces thinning! (TA)
  • Surrender is not an option! (TA)
  • We must win! (TA)
  • The battle is ours to lose! (TA)


Darth Maul[]

  • DIE!!!!
  • My master wants you dead!

Count Dooku[]

  • You were defeated before this battle even began.

Jango Fett[]

Campaign Specific[]

These are heard while you're playing the Rise of the Empire campaign, and are never heard while playing in other game modes.

Part 1: Galactic Republic campaign[]

Geonosis - Attack of the Clones (Training) Mygeeto - Amongst the Ruins

  • Let's turn this place into a scrap pile!
  • Sir! I can see the dropship from here!

Coruscant Space - A Desperate Rescue Felucia - Heart of Darkness

  • What are those things!?
  • Where are they? OH NO THEY'RE ALL DEAD!

Kashyyyk Space - First Line of Defence Kashyyyk - A Line in the Sand Utapau - Underground Ambush Coruscant - Operation: Knightfall

Part 2: Galactic Empire campaign[]

Naboo - Imperial Diplomacy

  • Join the Empire!/Save the Galaxy! (RT) (Confirm)

Mustafar Space - Preventive Measures Mustafar - Tying up Loose Ends Kamino - Changing of the Guard

  • Hmm....those clones are better than we/I thought. (IO) (Confirm)

Death Star - Prison Break Polis Massa - Birth of the Rebellion Tantive IV - Recovering the Plans Yavin IV Orbit - Vader's Fist Strikes Back Yavin IV - Revenge of the Empire Hoth - Our Finest Hour


If you want the entire track of EVERY phrase said by EVERY unit in the SWBF2 game, we've got some links for you to look at for a download.

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