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Landing Pad 13 is a Scarif land map that is available in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront.


This map is the most spread out of all Scarif maps. There are many open areas, such as beach area near the bottom of the map and the two rivers that cut through the middle. There is a large Imperial bunker area at the top of the map that provides cover for Rebels and Imperials alike.


Landing Pad 13 is featured in the following modes (Rogue One: Scarif expansion pack playlist only):


The cargo ships on this map prove very useful for snipers as they provide an excellent vantage point of the battlefield's open areas. Conversely, try to avoid the wide river area in the middle of this map as snipers are more likely to train their scopes here.

For the Extraction stage of Infiltration, the Rebels should have the Personal Shield Star Card and Escape Artist trait to shield themselves from fire and traverse the open areas more quickly. It is much easier to deliver the data tapes to the U-Wing on this map because there are so few choke points. If the Rebels play smart and approach the U-Wing in different directions with all three data tapes, Imperial forces can easily become overwhelmed.

Winning as the Rebel Alliance in Turning Point is very difficult on this map as the final control point is the Imperial bunker at the top of the map. This area has lots of cover for Imperials, allowing them to hold onto this area surprisingly well. Smoke Grenades and Squad Shields prove useful for allowing the Rebel assault to advance on this final control point.


  • AT-ACT walkers can be seen in the background.