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Scarif jungle loading screen

Scarif Jungle is a land map in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront that is available in the Rogue One: Scarif expansion pack.


This map takes place on Scarif and features a large jungle island, where it is easy to hide if you go off the many trails around the map.

Tactical analysis[]

  • Using the Laser Trip Mine is very effective as the enemy might not see it and will continue jamming their radar.
  • Close-range weapons, such as the CA-87 Shock Blaster, are very effective in this map as players can hide in the bushes and take enemies out quickly.
  • The jungle can get very dense in some places and there are some spots that players can get stuck in invisible barriers, so it is recommended that you use a Jumpack if you wish to go off trail.


Scarif Jungle is featured in the following modes (Rogue One: Scarif expansion pack playlist only):


  • This map is more wooded and denser with foliage than even Forest Moon of Endor, making it the most forested map.


Design shots[]