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The Scatter Gun is a Star Card featured in Star Wars: Battlefront, it was added in the Outer Rim Expansion Pack. The Scatter Gun is a shotgun-like weapon.

This weapon never made an appearance in the original trilogy, much like the other Star Cards from the Outer Rim Expansion Pack.

Upon firing, the Scatter Gun will fire 3 bolts of solid material twice, killing the victim in one shot. The Scatter Gun is an amazing way to kill a player sneaking around a small hallway, or coming through a door. However, using a Scatter Gun on large groups may prove to be a mistake, as you can be killed quickly when you are switching back to your gun.


  • The Scatter Gun has the same reticle as the CA-87 Shock Blaster.
  • The Scatter Gun is visually similar to the ACP Array Gun, a Trandoshan weapon from the Clone Wars era which first appeared in Star Wars: Republic Commando.
  • The side of the blaster shown in the card image shows that a part of it looks to be made from the heat shield of a SPAS-12 Shotgun.