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Score is gained by doing damage, getting eliminations, playing the objective, etc.. The score of all players is shown on the scoreboard. Every time you gain score, you gain an equal amount of Battle Points. Thus, Star Cards that increase Battle Points gained do not increase score gained. Heroes gain less score for certain actions.

Score Rewarding Actions (WIP)[]

Galactic Assault
Action Score Gained (Soldier/Reinforcement) Score Gained (Hero)
Kill 100 10
Damage 1 per point 1 per 10 points
Kill Assist 100 10
Destruction 50 5
Playing the Objective (Picking up the Ion Disruptor) 200 -
Playing the Objective (Defending Control Point) 5 every 2 seconds ?
Sacrifice (Death) 100 10
Heroic Sacrifice (Death to Hero) 200 20
Playing the Objective (Hitting AT-AT with Ion Disruptor) 500 -
Taking Damage as a Heavy using Defender (Epic) 9 per point of damage taken -
Using Battle Command as an Officer 25 per teammate buffed -
Activating the effect of Officer's Presence as an Officer ? -