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This is about a shuttle available in Battlefront Renegade and Elite Squadron, you may be looking for a MOD vehicle of the same appearance.

Sentinel-class Landing Craft
Sentinel Class
Basic Info
  • Transport (SWBF:RS) (SWBF:ES)
  • Gunship (BFII NPC)

Galactic Empire

Ship Details
  • 1 Pilot (SWBF:RS) (SWBF:ES)
  • 2 1 Pilot (Auto), 1 Gunner (Auto) (BFII NPC)

The Sentinel-class Landing Craft is a troop transport ship that is used by the Galactic Empire. It appears as a non playable troop transport, on the Kamino map. This ship is only seen on Kamino and the Prison Break level on the Death Star in campaign mode, where you have to destroy one. This ship was originally going to be used in the Imperial space maps, but was replaced in pre-production by the the Theta-class shuttle. It does however, appear as a flyable ship type (Imperial Shuttle) in Battlefront Elite Squadron.

Attacks (SWBF:RS and SWBF:ES)[]

Name Image Ammo
Particle Cannon Turret Particle Cannon Infinite Shots
Proton Torpedos Proton Torpedo Infinite Shots



This ship, due to its pre existing model and weapon set up, is often used in mods; most notably as playable vehicle, replacing the Theta-class shuttle in the Dark Times Rising Son MOD.