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This article is about the trait. You may be looking for Clone Sharpshooters or another sniper class.

"Trained as a sharpshooter by a small team of rogue elite snipers, you enjoy operating alone and harassing the enemy from afar."
— In-Game Description

Sharpshooter is a trait in Star Wars Battlefront.

The trait increases the damage dealt with a blaster while zooming in.

There are 3 levels:

  • Level 1: 15% bonus damage while zooming.
  • Level 2: 30% bonus damage while zooming.
  • Level 3: 50% bonus damage while zooming.


If you are used to aiming down sights when firing your weapon at a target, the Sharpshooter Trait is an ideal choice for a trait as it increases the base damage dealt by your primary weapon when aiming down sights.

At its first level, the trait increases damage by 15%: this may seem small, but with certain blasters, it can decrease the amount of shots you need to land on your target to kill them. Be advised though, that the trait will only apply its effect if you are aiming down sights when firing: if you are firing from the hip, then you will not get the damage boost.

As an example, with the E-11, it will increase the blaster's minimum damage from 15 to 17.25 (rounds to 18 damage), reducing the amount of shots required for a kill by one.

With stronger weapons like the T-21 and T-21B, the Sharpshooter trait's effect is even more pronounced; once the trait reaches level 3, both weapons will have their minimum damage increased from 34 to 51, causing them to always kill in two shots at any range.

If applied to the DLT-19X Target blaster, the Sharpshooter trait is capable of (once it reaches level 3) increasing the blaster's minimum damage from 67 to 100, making it a guaranteed one-shot-kill at any range. Because the DLT-19X relies on its scope to be effective, this can be a very effective combo for snipers wanting a weapon with reliable killing power.

Using this trait with the TL-50 makes the Secondary Fire have more damage. This is because your aiming button is used to charge up the Secondary Fire, and as soon as you press the aiming button the damage is increased. At Trait level 3 it is possible to kill players only using splash damage, even if they are at full health.

The Berserker trait is the Sharpshooter trait's exact opposite as it increases damage dealt when firing the hip while remaining inert if aiming down sights.