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Particle Cannon

The Ship Particle Cannon is a ship-mounted turret. It is also known as a Turbolaser. They can fire particles of superhot laser energy that does some serious damage. It can usually destroy a starfighter with a single shot. The Ship Particle Cannon does the same amount of damage as the Turbolaser from Star Wars. The main difference between Battlefront II's turbolaser is that on the Star Destroyer, there isn't enough. In fact the Imperial Star Destroyer is short 95 Turbolasers. A Particle Cannon however is a heavy ship weapon, that does more damage than the ship Heavy Cannons, but its range is limited. In-game the Ship Particle Cannon is limited to the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser and the Imperial Star Destroyer.

Beam Cannon[]

The ship's Beam Cannon is a long range weapon on the ship, that fires a continuous beam of laser energy at the target until it needs to be recharged (8 seconds). This weapon however doesn't do as much damage as one would think it would. Its found only on Mon Calmari MC80, and the Imperial class.


The Turbolaser was created during the Sith Wars as a means to protect ships from the Sith leviathans. The Turbolaser was then became a dangerous ship weapon during the Great Hyperspace War, and has been used ever since.


  • In Campaign mode, this turret is available for the CIS.
  • As seen in a space loading screen the Republic's Republic Attack Cruiser use to have particle cannon which looked just like imperial one's just with red markings and the Republic's logo.
  • Upon being hit by one of these canons when you are in a starfighter with an astromech unit, the astromech will respond in a panic.