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Sheild interior

Internal Ship Shield Generator

The Shield Generator inside of the capital ship is a vital piece of the cruiser. Without its shields, the ship would be easily destroyed. It is responsible for protecting the internal parts of the ship as well as exterior. This is easily destroyed by Marines (5 Missiles) or by Pilots (6 Time Bombs). This room has one turret in it (in Campaign mode), and is fairly defended. It can be repaired or rebuilt, but takes quite a while to do either, and the AIs do nothing to repair the generator, which makes teamwork with other players essential to repair the generator in time to have an effect on the battle.

The shield can also be destroyed on the outside if enough damage is applied to the ship. Bombers can easily complete this task in just over a minute.


  • If a bolt hits the shield when the generator is active, the effect will be the same as if a bolt hit a Droideka shield.