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The Shock Grenade is a Star Card featured in Star Wars Battlefront. It was added in the Bespin Expansion Pack. It is classified as an Asset Card.

The Shock Grenade is a Star Card that stuns targets hit by it without damaging them. It is the first Star Card that can impair player movement.


If the player is caught within the Grenade's effect radius, they will be shocked and immobilized for 5 seconds. During these 5 seconds, the player can neither move nor attack and is vulnerable to enemy fire.

When a player is being immobilized, an on-screen prompt will appear that gives the stunned player(s) the chance to break free early. If the player successfully taps the button enough, they will be able to break free from the grenade's shock effect and fight back. Players must press this if Lando is the one who set the trap, or else they'll die.

Players must be careful when they throw the grenade, as multiple objects such as friendly players and props can cause it to fly back towards the thrower's position, similar to the Thermal Imploder. If the thrower is hit by the grenade, they will be stunned as well.


The shock grenade can be very powerful against large groups of enemies. If used together with the Dioxis Grenade or Sonic Imploder, it can be used to leave an entire squad of enemies completely helpless. It is important to be accurate, and preferably in an enclosed area. Although the dioxis grenade or sonic imploder are the best possible combo with the shock grenade, any splash damage weapon will be very effective against groups of stunned enemies. It is also wise to throw shock grenades close to objectives you are trying to attack/capture, as this will stop any players closely guarding the objective.