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The Shotgun is the gun belonging to the Engineer class of units on the game. It shoots a spreadshot, and thus it is completely pointless to try and use it at long range. The idea is to get right on top of your enemy and then shoot. If every beam hits, you are more likely to get a one-hit kill, even on Wookiee Warriors. The gun shoots slowly and needs to be reloaded regularly. All in all, it is a very handy gun to use, but may seem second-rate to other, more easily usable guns. If you're having trouble getting kills, try rolling right up to your opponent and then shooting him in the face with your shotgun. It works. (Awards- Flechette Shotgun).

The Blast Cannon is a medium sized weapon used by the Rebel Pilot and the Dark Trooper in Star Wars: Battlefront. It appears to have replaced the older Clone Wars era Shotgun. It functions the same as the Shotgun in Star Wars: Battlefront II, except it only shoots five energy bolts at a time, compared to 8 in Battlefront II. It fires multiple shots at a time, and is considered to be a dangerous and useful close quarters weapon.

Galactic Republic[]

DP-23 DP-23 Shotgun

Galactic Empire[]

Blast Cannon E-11e Blast Cannon

Rebel Alliance[]

CR-1 CR-1 Blast Cannon

Separatist Alliance[]

ACP ACP Shotgun