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Sometimes also called jump attack, this is a special attack available only to Jedi and Sith heroes, with the exception of Wampas.

With most Jedi or Sith, this is jumping up and then pressing primary fire. You will begin to wave your lightsaber(s) around in the air, coming down to land with some sort of strike. With some Jedi or Sith, the jump attack is better for aerial combat, while others is most effective on the ground. Slam Attack works best with infantry, as most heroes can withstand the attack.

Aerial Offensive[]

This type is most effective against airborne objects, whether it is a Force user mid-jump, or an adversary with a jetpack. It should be noted that these attacks could prove useful as ground attacks if timed correctly.


The Sledgehammer[]

This type of attack only covers the ground beneath the player, and i useless against enemies above the ground. It is most effective against ground-based infantry note that Vader flies instead of jumping.


The Ninja[]

This attack involves twisting mid-air, covering both ground and air.


Lightning Storm[]

This attack is similar to the Sledgehammer, but is achieved without a lightsaber. It will unleash a large wave of Force lightning.



  • Wampa's slam attack is done in the exact same way, jump and click primary fire. This makes a big shock wave and sends enemies flying within a certain radius.