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The Smoke Grenade is a Star Card featured in Star Wars: Battlefront and an ability in Star Wars Battlefront II. Smoke Grenades provide dense smoke that blocks visibility and lock on weapons.


A grenade that produces an area of smoke, this Star Card can be used to prevent any lock on and to get past enemy forces. This is one of the three grenades that don't damage enemies, the others being the Flash Grenade and Shock Grenade.

The X-8 Night Sniper can see through the smoke emitted by this Star Card, due to its thermal optics.


The smoke grenade is often misunderstood. Many players thing its main puprose is to give them a hunting blind so they can shoot enemies without fear of return fire. This is a big myth for snipers, as it will usually just make it impossible for you to find a target. If used along with an X-8 Night Sniper or Scan Pulse, this strategy can be very effective, but it is a specialized loadout, and often leaves the inexperienced player more or less defenseless while the smoke grenade is on cooldown. If plenty of cover is available, then this strategy can go above and beyond what is expected. Of course, the smoke grenade's original purpose was to give a player protection while moving forward in on an open battlefield. It can also be used to cover a retreat to cover. Either way, the grenade is usually used to get to a better position, whether it is forwards to glory, or a retreat in order to fight another day. Naturally, the smoke grenade is versatile, and who knows, you might be the one to discover a new use for it!

Only use the smoke grenade if cover is limited, and enemies are approaching, as a wasted grenade will be your downfall.