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Soldier (class)[]

A Soldier is the most basic and versatile unit of any faction. It has medium health and medium speed. It's the mainstay of any offense/defense. They are required for just about anything. They are needed to fight against any other unit available. They are also usually the ones that protect the other classes. For instance a Soldier is usually seen protecting an Assault class and Engineers. They do not have the explosives required to take down enemy targets, or take on vehicles.


Its weaponry in SWBFII consists of:

Award Weapons[]


These are the individual faction's units for this class:

Tactical Analysis[]

  • The Blaster Rifle has a high rate of fire, but a clip size of 50. At longer ranges bursts of fire to maintain accuracy are recommended, however spread is offset when firing into a large group.
  • As the rate of fire of the Blaster Rifle is around 120 rpm, a Soldier can continuously fire for 25 seconds.
  • Blaster Rifles are effective at every range. It can even be used to zoom in and take out snipers, as it only takes three shots w/o Damage Increase.
  • A Soldier is self-sufficient but is much better in a group.
  • Soldiers are versatile, and can switch from one role to another quickly, such as attacking an enemy Command Post then defending it from retaliation.
  • Soldiers have more Thermal Detonators than many other classes. This can be used to the Soldier's advantage; a couple of Soldiers using their grenades in tandem can wreck a whole defense.
  • A well dug-in Soldier can halt an enemy offensive by continuously firing at the enemy offensive and hiding.
  • Alternatively, they should be in the middle of an offense providing support fire.
  • The blaster rifles used by different factions have a different rate of fire per faction. The Republic variant fires at a decent rate, and has the least amount of ammo, the Imperial blaster fires the fastest, and has a higher amount of ammo to compenstate, the Rebel blaster fires the slowest, but has the most amount of ammo, and the CIS blaster reloads the fastest, and has roughly the same amount of ammo as the Republic variant.
  • The Republic blaster has the highest accuracy out of all the rifles, the Imperial variant has the least accuracy.
  • In order to allow game balance, Soldier AI normally do not throw grenades very well. 


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