SOnic Blaster
Sonic Blaster

Sonic Blaster

Sonic Blasters are portable sonic weapon that can do a reasonable amount of damage to an opponent. This weapon is only carried by Geonosians.

In Star Wars: Battlefront , the damage is the same as a regular rifle or pistol bolt, however there is a long cooldown time of two seconds before another shot can be fired.  Also, the projectile is slower than a normal blaster bolt and needs to travel before it can hit.  It's range is generally the same as the clone trooper pilots DN bolt caster.

In Star Wars: Battlefront II , the damage is increased heavily, taking only three shots to kill an infantry unit.  The bolt doesn't have a distance to travel, making it seemingly instantaneous. This alsmo makes it seem like there is no range limit on the weapon.  The cooldown time for this version is only one second.  The amount of shots per magazine is seven in this version.

Between games, the particles are similar, but different.
Sonic 1

Sonic Blaster particles in Battlefront

Sonic 2

Sonic Blaster Particles in Battlefront II

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