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This map is set above Kashyyyk where the Republic and CIS forces have gathered in very close formation. The capital ships are extremely close so you must ensure the defense of your hangar because large-scale dropping of troops in enemy hangars is certain (especially if playing online). Also, be wary when navigating between capital ships, frigates and enemy fighters. You will find space runs out very quickly. This is a small, if not the smallest, space map in the game.


When Space Kashyyyk starts, select either the Republic or CIS and spawn as a marine. Jump into the starfighter of your choice, the faster the better. Fly over to the enemy capital ship while laying rounds on the enemy frigate. Once you land in the capital ship, fight your way into the autoturret control center. Blow up the autoturret control. Run to the ammo droid and restock on ammo. Next, head to the shield control and destroy it. Then, restock on ammunition and run to the engine control room. Disable the engines and head into the life support room while continuing to restock on ammo. After you have destroyed all of the life support systems, jump into a bomber and destroy any external system. You don't have to worry about the frigates because they should be destroyed by then. After destroying a system or two, you should win. Experienced players should be able to accomplish this in one life with ease. Be careful when you're in the capital ship, as it will be filled with enemy soldiers in both the hangar and control rooms.