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The rebel attack against the Empire over Kessel

Space Kessel is a map in Renegade Squadron that features a battle in space above the planet Kessel


The rebels must free Admiral Ackbar from the Imperials. The


Ackbar being held prisoner by the Empire

Empire has Ackbar on a star destroyer on its way to a prison on Kessel. The rebels need to get Ackbar back!


  1. "Destroy the communications array on the Star Destroyer."
  2. "Destroy the turrets on the frigates."
  3. "Clear a route for the LAAT transport by taking out TIE-Fighters."
  4. "Fly the LAAT into the Star Destroyer's hangar."
  5. "Find Ackbar."
  6. "Escort Ackbar to the LAAT."
  7. "Destroy the hangar forcefield control terminal."
  8. "Return the LAAT to the Mon Calamari cruiser."