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Special events are periods of time in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II in which either the core gameplay is altered in some unique way or a special feature is added to the game temporarily. In this way, special events create new, temporary twists on already existing gameplay.

One example of a special event is a Battle Point event, which decreases the cost of Battle Points for different types of Reinforcements or heroes. This is often accompanied by an increase in how many of these units can spawn, such as in the event Heroes Unleashed, which allows 9 vs. 9 hero battles to occur in Galactic Assault.

Usually, special events occur on weekends.

Special events began in September 2018, and are detailed monthly in a Community Calendar.[1]

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  • December 2018:[3]
    • Heroes Unleashed (14th-16th): Battle Point costs for heroes are reduced by 75% and all eight heroes can spawn simultaneously in all phases of Galactic Assault.
    • Life Day Event (17th-27th): Battle Point costs for heroes, vehicles, and reinforcements are decreased by 25% in Galactic Assault and XP earned is increased by 50% in all modes. Additionally, the front end theme of the menu will change every few days, focusing on different locations, eras, and heroes.
    • New Years Event: Power! Unlimited Power! (28th-January 1st): In Galactic Assault, all 9 heroes for both Light Side and Dark Side factions are able to spawn simultaneously with battle point costs reduced by 75% for heroes, vehicles, and reinforcements. The spawn timer is also temporarily removed.
  • November 2018:[4]

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