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The Speeder class is a Vehicle Reinforcement class in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. It consists of smaller yet faster vehicles that are mainly effective against infantry. Like all other Reinforcement classes, the Speeder can only be played by earning a certain amount of Battle Points, but is generally cheaper than most reinforcements.


The Speeder class is a Vehicle Reinforcement class in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that mostly specialises in reconnaissance and infantry combat. This is not always the case, however. Each faction has different Speeder units, and their weapons and abilities vary between them. However, being part of the same class, each Speeder shares the same Star Cards that can be used. Speeders can be either aerial or ground vehicles.

Like all units, the Speeder's class level is determined by the experience earned and time played in game with the class. Star Cards for the Speeder class can be unlocked through Skill Point, one of which is earned each time the class is levelled up.

Faction units[]

Star Cards[]

Boost Cards[]

Boost Card Speeder - Cooling Systems Boost Card Speeder - Speeder Defensive Upgrade Boost Card Speeder - Tactical Jammer Boost Card Speeder - Speeder Offensive Upgrade Boost Card Speeder - Speeder Systems Upgrade
Cooling Systems Speeder Defensive Upgrade Tactical Jammer Speeder Offensive Upgrade Speeder Systems Upgrade
Boost Card Speeder - Reinforced Hull
Reinforced Hull


  • At launch, the only factions not to have Speeder units were the two factions of the Clone Wars: the Galactic Republic and the Separatists. However, they recieved the BARC Speeder and STAP, respectively, in the Battle of Geonosis Update.
  • Although some factions share Speeder vehicles, the First Order and the Resistance have two different versions of the LIUV: the First Order's standard LIUV and the Resistance's Stolen LIUV. They share the same weapons and abilities.