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Sporting Blaster

Princess Leia's Sporting Blaster


Princess Leia's Sporting Blaster is a gun very much like Jango Fett's Westar-33 Blaster and the Precision Pistol. It shoots a very fast and highly-concentrated beam that lasts for a short time (similar to beam turrets) at the target and requires fairly good aim to use it correctly. A double-zoom feature helps with this and is basically a one-hit kill when you score a head shot, though it will leave most enemies with only a little health left if the beam stays on the body for the entire duration. All in all, it's a pretty good weapon for taking out regular units, but has a hard time with the heroes as it overheats in two shots, if fired back to back. This is basically a sniper rifle that looks like a blaster.


  • In the Star Wars universe, this blaster is nothing but the opposite of its BF2 counterpart. In reality, sporting blaster is nothing less than the weakest blaster in the market, only killing in critical hits.