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In DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II, most ground units (limited to Infantry, Reinforcements, and Heroes/Villains) can move faster by pressing the Sprint key.

Sprint Speeds[]

Unit Sprint Speed (m/s)
Anakin Skywalker 8
Boba Fett 7
Bossk 7
Captain Phasma 7
Chewbacca 7
Count Dooku 8
Darth Maul 8
Darth Vader 7
Emperor Palpatine 7
Finn 7
General Grievous 8
Han Solo 7
Iden Versio 7
Kylo Ren 8
Lando Calrissian 7
Leia Organa 7
Luke Skywalker 8.6
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Yoda 7

Known Issues[]

Button that disables the sprint function[]

For PC players only, if your keyboard's language configuration contains the specific function of the Alt Gr button (the right Alt), pressing it will completely disable your ability to sprint, while also introducing other minor quirks to the game. A keyboard set to english doesn't have this function, and therefore pressing the right alt won't trigger this effect. But in other languages it might have this function and when one presses this button ingame it glitches the game. This effect is persistent: dying, respawning, changing maps, changing modes, nothing fixes this. However there is a very simple and effective solution to this: Pressing the left Ctrl key undo the glitch, and everything is back to normal again.