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A squad is a smaller unit part of a larger team; squads are featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. At most, squads can have a total of four members. Squads replaced partners from the previous game, Star Wars Battlefront.

Squads feature four permanent members who have the ability to spawn on each other via a spectator camera, though squad mates cannot be spawned on if in the middle of combat or defeated. Members of the same squad have yellow names and class markers for identification in-game. Players who are part of a party are automatically placed into a squad together; otherwise, players are randomly assigned squad mates. Members of the same party also have access to voice chat.

Squads are featured in Galactic Assault, Strike, Blast, and Capital Supremacy.[1][2][3]


  • In the alpha version of the game, squad mates earned proximity bonuses by staying near each other, though this was replaced with the multiplier bonus in the final version of the game.
  • Prior to the Squad System Update, squads spawned in ten or five second waves depending on the game mode and were based on players choosing to spawn within the same time period as other players. Once spawned in, squads could increase their multiplier bonus by earning score through eliminations (kills and kill assists) and completing objectives together. The multiplier bonus increased the rate at which Battle Points were earned by squad members, ideally encouraging squads to stick together, though it was removed in the Elite Corps Update in preparation for the Squad System Update.


December Update

  • Added squad system to Blast.

General Grievous Update

  • Adjusted the rules of spawning on squad members, so that Troopers and Specials can spawn on every character, except Boba. Heroes can spawn only on the Default spawn points.
  • A score event of 100 pts. has been added when a squad member spawns on the player.
  • Fixed an issue where Assault-class icons would appear in empty squad member slots when viewing the spectator screen.
  • The occasional issue of the status of a squad mate being incorrectly displayed as available while selecting a class has been now resolved.
  • Fixed an issue in which players in a party of at least 4 members, would occasionally have no squad members to spawn on after a round transition.
  • The spawn countdown timer now reads as "Spawn available in" and is visible only through the Squad Spawn screen.

Squad System Update

  • Squad spawn waves replaced with new permanent squad system.