Squad Commands is a feature that is present in Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Battlefront II. It allows the player to tell NPC teammates basic commands.

The default key in Battlefront II is F4 while highlightning a friendly unit

Commands (Battlefront II)Edit

  • Get In - Any nearby NPC gets into player's current vehicle.
  • Get Out - NPC leaves vehicle almost instantly, may need to be repeated when driving a gunship to avoid the ally crashing the vehicle on the hangar walls.
  • Follow Me - Gets highlighted NPC to follow the player until death. They will hovewer stop following if the player enters a vehicle.
  • Move Out - Gets following NPC to leave the player's side

Battlefront Edit

  • Spread out - the npcs that are following the player will stop following or stop defending an assigned area
  • Follow - the hightlighted npc will follow the player
  • Defend - The nearby NPCs will try to defend the location
  • At Ease - the nearby NPCs will revert to their usual AI planning
  • Get in - A nearby NPC will enter the player's vehicle
  • Get out - the npc inside the vehicle will leave the player's vehicle


  • When playing Hero Assault on Mos Eisley, the player will be discouraged by their team announcer when asking allies to follow them, but the command will work.
  • This also happens when the player tries to command allies when playing as the Hero unit in the regular modes, resulting in the allies ignoring the follow order, allies however will follow the hero if he's carrying the flag.
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