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Force Push

Star Blades are a secondary weapon found only in the Xbox version of Star Wars: Battlefront II unlocked by DLC. They are used only by one Hero character, Asajj Ventress.


The Star Blades are considered a force power, so they use the player's stamina as ammo. When used, four blades(similar to shurikens) are flung at the target and then ricochet off surfaces. Using the ricochet feature, players can block doors and pathways by effectively making traps out of the bouncing blades. Star Blades only last about 10 seconds.



  • Looking closely at the Star Blades, they seem to look like small glowing red Mines.
  • This, along with Force Orb, are two DLC only force powers.
  • Star Blades can be very effective on Turrets, due to the blades getting stuck and doing constant damage.