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"Star Wars: Battlefront III" may refer to:

Official Games:

Fan Projects:

  • Galaxy in Tumoil, an upcoming sci-fi shooter inspired by and originally meant to be a remake of Star Wars: Battlefront III. The project was shut down by Electronic Arts due to the developers of the game not having rights to use the Star Wars license. The developers are continuing to release an original game though, just not using the Star Wars IP.
  • Star Wars: Battlefront III Legacy, a mod for Star Wars: Battlefront II that aims to re-create Free Radical's game in its engine.
  • Star Wars: Battlefront Legacy, a mod for the original Star Wars: Battlefront which is inspired by and adds content based on the Free Radical and DICE games.
  • Star Wars: Battlefront III, a cancelled Battlefront II mod by Frayed Wires Studios.
  • Star Wars: Battlefront 3.5, a Battlefront II era mod by CalvaryCaptMike.
  • Star Wars: Battlecry, a fan game inpired by the Battlefront series.